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ZIIRI is the brainchild of Zoe Vaziri, a woman who's desperately hoping you never find that one emo poem she put on her MySpace blog in 2006.

Lyrically drawing on break ups, f*ck ups, and the self-destruction of quarter-life crises, ZIIRI seamlessly blends vulnerable vocals with dance beats from a global team of producers and collaborators. Her debut EP (coming May 2019) entitled “Weird Energy” features dreamy stoner pop vocals with dynamic harmonies and r&b undertones. 

She is currently keeping busy prepping for the EP release, playing shows across the Southeast, and forever picking dog hair off of her clothes. ZIIRI is passionate about queer visibility and animal rescue and hopes to use her platform to help local shelters and LGBTQ+ youth programs. To stay up to date on the latest shenanigans, follow 
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